Understanding Your Childs Sleep Needs by Age

Welcome to SleepBabies

Photo of baby sleeping Helping your child to sleep is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. We know that having a good night’s sleep can help children thrive physically and emotionally. As a parent a good night’s sleep can also allow to enjoy your baby even more as you will find you will have more patience and energy in the day. I have helped parents who have had to rock and feed their child to sleep for hours at night with my approach and their hard work they have achieved a full night’s sleep.

I am Sian Thomas, sleep consultant and I would like to support you in teaching your child to sleep. My approach is gentle and child centred and I will keep your baby central to everything we do. I have years of experience of supporting parents (see Testimonials) and would love to work with you.

Don't hesitate to EMAIL or CALL (07828103975) me with any enquiries or questions you may have.

What Others Are Saying About SleepBabies

Sian... I am emailing to let you know that Harry (9 months) slept through last night, I am so grateful and really could not have done it without you, thank-you so much for your kindness and support.
Claire and Harry, Barnes, London.
As a child's psychotherapist it was really important to me not to let Fynn cry alone and find a gentle solution. I never felt what we were doing was unresponsive to Fynn's needs-quite the opposite. Within a few nights we could already see a difference in Fynn's sleep and after 3 weeks he slept through the night for the first time. Sian's help has literally saved our lives.
Suzanne, Richmond.
So amazing to have a sleep plan that we could follow, we emailed Sian if we were struggling and the calm support and patience was invaluable to keeping us on track, after 3 weeks he is sleeping through after 10 months of sleepless nights it feels like a dream come true.
Sarah and Tom, parents of Freddie, Richmond, London.
We were so relieved to find a gentle approach to sleep, Sian listened to our wishes throughout and made us feel in control of Phoebe's sleep, we now have a little girl that sleeps through the night, we cannot thank her enough.
Laura and Ned, Chiswick, London.